How to deal with auto parts dealers under the new situation

Turn difficulties into opportunities

In this battle, it is not just the virus that needs to be defeated. How to find the right direction and turn difficulties into opportunities is something you need to pay more attention to.

For auto parts dealers, we should feel fortunate, because the impact of the epidemic is not as great as other industries, and the catering, hotels, tourism, and plantation industries have all been hit hard. Although auto parts dealers are also damaged to varying degrees, after the epidemic, the preparations that should be prepared, the sorting out, the ones who should go out for business talks, the delivery and delivery. As the saying goes, things will fail without a fight. Therefore, we need to build up confidence and adjust our status in time. So in the face of the sudden drop in passenger flow, how should auto parts dealers quickly resume work, develop customers, and get out of the predicament?


Six ways to achieve rapid resumption of work

At present, as companies resume work one after another, the government has also issued a series of support policies. At the moment, auto parts dealers should actively deploy the next business. You need to start from yourself and take the lead in getting employees to do it, because finding a way is always more useful than just anxiety. The following six points can be used for reference by auto parts dealers in the early stage of resumption of work.

1. Protective measures are indispensable. Although many companies have begun to resume work one after another, the epidemic has not ended, so epidemic prevention is essential. As an auto parts dealer, you need to know the situation of the returning workers in time, whether they have been to areas with severe epidemics, and distribute masks to employees, require them to protect themselves, and disinfect the office premises.

In the auto parts industry, logistics and distribution are a very important part. Therefore, auto parts dealers need to disinfect vehicles every day. In order to reduce direct contact with customers, when auto parts products arrive in stores, strict procedures are required to make the distribution more Safety.


2. Strengthen inventory management. In this context, auto parts dealers need to set up an inventory reporting system to report the inventory situation in the company's internal group or Dingding every day. For example, the brand information, quantity and some sales policies of operating accessories products, guide the front-line sales staff, and focus on promoting some large-stock products. Auto parts sales staff should also share some experiences and methods in the group for everyone to learn from.


3. Reasonably control costs. In this special period, it is very important for auto parts dealers to control costs reasonably, which can keep you alive. However, the control must be reasonable, not harm the interests of employees, not blindly lay off employees or reduce employee income, but according to the actual situation, reduce some of the useless costs.


4. Reorganize personnel. Due to the impact of the epidemic, many employees are full of uncertainty. Some people voluntarily resign, and some people do not play a role in the team. Therefore, this time is the best time to sort out the team members. In addition, in 2020, auto parts dealers will have tight funds. Only by choosing more suitable personnel and strong soldiers can the impact of the epidemic be eliminated to the greatest extent and the enterprise can be on track.


5. Make a promotion plan. If the inventory of auto parts products is large, auto parts dealers need to formulate some promotional policies. For example, some car maintenance products cannot be sold and take up space. These products have been stored for a long time, but the quality is not problematic. At this time, you can give these products as gifts, which will also improve the reputation of auto parts dealers.


6. Expand sales channels. This epidemic has also made many people see that a single offline sales is at risk, because auto parts dealers need to establish a community, master their core customers, and can carry out group purchases. In addition, they need to expand other channels in time to pass better Services to increase sales and profits.


At the moment of the epidemic, the passenger flow of many auto parts dealers has dropped sharply, and even many stores cannot survive this winter. Therefore, auto parts dealers need to maintain hospitality relationships, and at the same time actively seek out new customers. As the saying goes, see the truth in adversity, Fujian Yida will join hands with distributors to overcome the difficulties.