RND Pistol
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Experience 'The Edge'
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RND 2500
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RND 2000
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RND 400 .223 Rifle

The RND 400 .223 was our first solid billet upper and lower with extra strength where it is needed. If you need a .223 that is custom built like it should have been from the beginning, this is the one for you.

RND 800 .308 Rifle

The RND 800 is the first of our rifles to feature a side charging handle and our RND buffer system which allows for a fully adjustable stock. When accuracy and quick follow up shots are necessary the classic .308 semi-auto delivers. The RND CNC machined matched upper and lower receivers, the titanium firing pin and other features set this .308 apart from the others.

RND 1000 .300 WSM

The RND 1000 was designed for the .300 Winchester Short Magnum cartridge. The RND 1000 .300 WSM offers a small package with a big punch for long range work and hunting applications.

RND 2000 .338 LaPua Magnum

RND Manufacturing leads the precision rifle industry by bringing turn bolt accuracy to the semi-auto .338 LaPua Magnum. RND takes advantage of light metal alloys, which allows the shooter to quickly engage the target. Now discriminating shooters can combine long range shooting with sub MOA accuracy with quick follow-up shots.

RND 2100 .300 Ultra Mag

If you're looking for a 1000+ yard shot in a semi-auto configuration the RND 2100 .300 Ultra Mag offers incredible punch. The Ultra Mag will dump your trophy elk across the canyon and offer a quick follow up shot if necessary. Shooting the .300 Ultra Mag is extremely rewarding.

RND 2500 .408 CheyTac

In 2004, RND Manufacturing harnessed the extreme long range cartridge, the .408 CheyTac in a semi-automatic firing platform. Made of light weight alloys, the shooting platform exhibits surprisingly low recoil as the sub MOA cartridge seizes the distance.

RND 2600 .375 CheyTac

If you're looking for the ballistic "king of the hill", the .375 CheyTac is for you. With a supersonic range of 2900 yards, the .375 offers the ballistics for the longest of shots - and follow up shots with "bolt gun" accuracy. RND - setting the bar. . . again.

RND 3000 .50 BMG

RND Manufacturing has achieved what was once believed to be the impossible: encapsulation of a precision semi-automatic firing platform around the .50 BMG cartridge. Now the .50 BMG cartridge can be used to its full long range potential in a rapid multi-shot configuration. By using light weight alloys for construction, the weapon becomes weight friendly to the shooter.

RND Pistol .223 Caliber

The first solid billet upper and lower with extra strength where it needs it. If you need a .223 that is custom built like it should have been from the beginning this is the one for you.